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the reason your mom didn't want you to join a band
10 October
But don't worry. Want in? Go for it. I only have one requirement: 18 & over, please.

Hey. I started my LJ to have an overflow for the crazed obsession that has become my relationship with all things Supernatural. I watch too much TV. Everything said comes with a large helping of sarcasm. For real. Sarcasm is like air, ok? Unfortunately, sarcasm doesn't always come across on paper... I'm really not that bitchy. (Or am I? Heh.)

So on the one hand we have Supernatural. On the other hand we have the boys of bandom. I have fallen hard and fast for Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, (and Phantom Planet, and Cobra Starship, and The Cab, and and and... oh, you get the picture,) and they are keeping me entertained during the long summer TV hiatus. And after. Because I'm shallow and they are pretty.

I have...
1 husband
2 vizslas
2 children
multiple personalities (just kidding.)

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